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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Call Yourself a Writer?" Meme

I was recently tagged on this meme by Linda Jones of Passionate Media on her You've Got Your Hands Full blog.

In her post, Linda asked and then answered a number of questions about her own writing. She then tagged several other writers, including me, to answer the questions as well. So, without further ado, here are my responses...

1. Which words do you use too much in your writing?

However, therefore, great

2. Which words do you consider overused in stuff you read?

Neat, suddenly, cool

3. What's your favourite piece of writing by you?

Possibly my novella The Festival on Lyris Five, recently published by my friends at Salvatore Publishing. This is a humorous (I hope) science fiction story I wrote a few years ago, when I had a bit more time for fiction. I had a blast writing it, and I hope readers will share some of that enjoyment now. The book also has some wonderful illustrations by Louise Tolentino. You can buy it in printed form or as an instant download.

4. What are your other favorite blogs?

There are some wonderful writing blogs out there. Here are just a few I keep coming back to:

The Creative Penn
Fuel Your Writing
Nail Your Novel

There are also a number of non-writing-related blogs I'm a fan of. Two of the best are Mashable (for all the latest news about Web 2.0) and MakeUseOf (for an endless stream of software advice, free tutorials, website recommendations, and more).

And finally, if you're a blogger yourself, Darren Rowse's ProBlogger blog is a must-read, along with his TwiTip blog for Twitter users.

5. Regrets, do you have a few? Is there anything you wish you hadn't written?

There are a few things over the years I've written that I haven't been paid for, so clearly I regret those!

I also rather regret trying to correct some criticisms of me and my publishers, WCCL, that had been published a while ago on another writer's blog. I rather naively thought I could put the record straight, and that would be that. Instead, it proved to be the online equivalent of stirring up a hornets' nest. Nowadays I follow the wise precept, Don't Feed the Trolls!

6. How has your writing made a difference? What do you consider your most important piece of writing?

A lot of my writing consists of courses and other instructional materials. I like to think I've helped a lot of people to get started as writers, and in other small businesses too. Certainly, the huge number of messages I receive from students of my courses telling me about their successes is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work.

Possibly my most important/influential piece of writing has been Write Any Book in Under 28 Days, my original and best-selling course for WCCL. I've lost count of the number of buyers of this course who have written telling me about the books they have written as a result of following my advice, in some cases sending copies of the books as well. I am truly humbled by some of the stories they tell me (such as this one, for example).

7. Name three favourite words

Opportunity, commission, holiday

8. ...And three words you're not so keen on

Deadline, scam, refer to drawer

9. Do you have a writing mentor, role model or inspiration?

Two writers I admire hugely are Dean Koontz and Stephen King. Both are prolific to an extent I could never dream of, and both write consistently to an extremely high standard (I'm really enjoying King's Duma Key at the moment). Because they both write genre fiction they do not receive the critical recognition they deserve, but I'm quite sure in future they will be regarded as the Charles Dickens's of their time.

10. What's your writing ambition?

I'd like to have more time to write fiction, and especially to work on a novel I've had in the back of my mind for ages now.

I'd also love to be asked to write a novelization for a movie, stage show or TV series. If any producers out there are reading this, I'm your man!

11. Plug alert! List any work you would like to tell your readers about.

I've already mentioned The Festival on Lyris Five and Write Any Book in Under 28 Days.

In addition, I'd like to mention in particular The Wealthy Writer, my latest downloadable writing guide to be published by WCCL. The Wealthy Writer was co-written with Ruth Barringham, and it covers a huge range of ways writers can make money by applying their skills on the Internet. I've already had some amazing feedback on this course, and anyone buying it via my website can get some unique extra bonuses from me as well.

And, if I can mention a website as well, please do check out my forum at It's a free, open-access forum with around 8,000 members from all over the world. It's a great place for getting feedback and support from your fellow writers, asking (and answering) questions, finding market information, and so on.

So that's me, then. In accordance with Linda's rules (see below), here are the names of four other writer/bloggers I would like to tag:

Coffee With Kate
Kristin Callender
Karl Moore
Joanna Penn

Obviously, there is no obligation on anyone to do this, but I've found it a very interesting experience myself, and would love to see other people's responses too. And, of course, anyone with a blog is more than welcome to take part in the meme - you don't have to be tagged first!

The Rules

If you have time to do this meme, then please link to my post here, then link to three to five other bloggers and pass it on, asking them to answer your questions and link back to you. You can add, remove or change one question as you go (as I did with Question 4 - feel free to revert to Linda's original if you like). You absolutely do not have to be what you may think of as a "published" or "successful" writer to respond to this meme.

Have fun, and I look forward to reading more responses!

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Blogger Glyn Pope said...

I want to come back to this. I was late with Nadine last night. I'm gonnna need to be late tonight and I was with it at about 730am. My brain is just not working well.
So I shall follow you.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

No worries, Glyn. Good to see you here.

2:48 PM  

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