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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Review: Super Affiliate Insights

I was lucky enough this week to get my hands on a review copy of Super Affiliate Insights, the brand new downloadable guide from Internet marketing guru Codrut Turcanu.

As the name indicates, Super Affiliate Insights is all about affiliate marketing - a method of making money by advertising other people's products and services on the Internet and earning a commission on any sales you generate.

Although Super Affiliate Secrets is not directly related to writing, as I know that many of my readers are interested in affiliate marketing - and also because I was very impressed with the guide - I thought I would review it here.

I should start by saying that I'm not a complete beginner where affiliate marketing is concerned - I earn a sideline income of several thousand dollars a year by this method, notably from the WCCL affiliate program and Clickbank.

Nonetheless, I was surprised by how much I learned from this well written and attractively presented PDF manual. In fact, Codrut himself keeps a low profile in it. Instead, he has conducted in-depth interviews with five successful affiliate marketers, who reveal the secrets of their success and offer a generous range of tips and advice. The five are as follows:
  • Colleen Slater - An Aussie mother of three who spent over $10,000 on worthless products until she found the 'magic ingredient' that brought her from zero to $20,000+ per month in three years.
  • Stephen Carter - A former physicist (and published novelist) who stumbled upon the 'giveaway' secret that generates massive traffic, leads and affiliate income for him. Stephen is giving away via this manual a valuable tool for Clickbank marketers that sends notification every time you make a sale.
  • Rod Beckwith - A marketer who found a proven way to grow his lists into thousands and generate multiple streams of affiliate income without bidding on AdWords or spending a cent on advertising. Here's a clue: He's also known as Mr Joint Venture.
  • Ian del Carmen - A guy from the Philippines who discovered how to automate his entire business via outsourcing, to generate extra affiliate commissions for minimal time and effort.
  • Eric Holmlund - A programmer who found the key to unlocking ClickBank's full potential. He makes more money in a month than most people make in a full year in a salaried job.
Each of the interviews is presented in a Q & A format. The advice is wide ranging, and includes generating affiliate fees from niche marketing, blogging, website building, article writing, Squidoo, HubPages, pay-per-click advertising, and more.

At the end of each interview there is a page of questions for the reader to answer based on what they have just read, e.g. 'What is the most important piece of advice you got from this interview?' Space is provided for your answer. Although a simple idea, this is a really good device for making you think carefully about what you have learned.

All the interviews are very informative, though I particularly enjoyed the one with Colleen Slater, who talks in detail about niche marketing, blogging and article marketing. I picked up a lot of useful tips from Colleen that I will definitely be implementing myself in the months ahead.

As you might expect, there are lots of product recommendations throughout Super Affiliate Insights, with links to their sales pages; but, of course, you don't need to buy any of these items if you don't want to. The advice itself is still worth many times the modest asking price.

I have printed out my own copy of Super Affiliate Insights, and already it's covered in notes of things I intend to implement or investigate soon. If you are at all interested in affiliate marketing as a sideline or even a full-time business, I strongly recommend taking a closer look at this info-packed guide.

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