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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Co-operative Tagging Service for Amazon Authors

A few weeks ago in this post I wrote about tagging, an easy and legitimate way for authors to promote their books at the Amazon online bookstore.

Well, I recently heard from author Todd Fonseca about a blog he has set up called Tag My Book on Amazon.

This is basically a co-operative service for authors to help one another get more tags for their books. Essentially, you upload details of your book to Todd's blog, including its Amazon page and the tags you want added (up to three). Other users of the service then visit your book's page and add these tags for you, thus raising your book's profile and helping potential buyers find it more easily.

It's a free service, and depends on the goodwill of everyone involved to make it work. If you hope to benefit, then, you should also spend some time going through the list of requests from other authors and applying tags as requested.

Tag My Book on Amazon is aimed primarily at authors with books listed on, but Todd says he is happy for users whose books are only available on (or other national sites) to use the service also. However, he points out that you can only apply tags if you have actually made a purchase at the Amazon store in question, so UK users are unlikely to get as many tags as those in the US.

Still, I think Tag My Book on Amazon is a brilliant concept, and if you have any books for sale on Amazon you should definitely check it out. Click here for more information about tagging, and click here to submit your book.

Finally, I also recommend reading the other articles on Todd's blog, especially Tag My Listmania, which reveals how to use Amazon's Listmania feature to help promote your books, and Shelf My Book, which is another co-operative scheme to help promote your title on the Goodreads website.

UPDATE! Todd has now added a dedicated page for authors who want to promote their books on

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