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Monday, March 23, 2009

An Easy Way to Promote Your Book on Amazon

If you have a book (or books) for sale on Amazon, here's a quick and easy way to promote it.

It's also free of charge. And don't worry, it doesn't involve submitting a five-star review under a pseudonym (which I'm sure none of my readers would do, of course...).

The technique is based around tagging, which Amazon has recently introduced as one of several ways of making its site more interactive and 'Web 2.0'.

Registered users of Amazon can apply up to seven tags to any book. The tags are meant to provide useful information on the content of the book in question. So a book about writing might be given tags including 'writing', 'creative writing', 'article writing', 'writing for money', 'screenwriting', and so on. As a matter of interest, I have copied below the tags from the listing for the popular On Writing by Stephen King.

Tags help people searching on Amazon. Someone wanting a book on writing stand-up comedy, for example, might search for all books with a tag of 'comedy writing'.

Tags improve the experience of Amazon users, so in my view it is quite legitimate for an author to apply tags to his or her own books (and I have done so). Not only will this mean that people interested in the topic of your book are more likely to find it, the tags may also help Amazon with its 'You might also enjoy...' recommendations which appear on the site and in emails it sends out. It's not clear at the moment how extensively Amazon uses data from tagging, but as the system becomes more widely known it's a good bet it will increase.

So if you have any books on sale on Amazon do take a moment to go along and tag them, and do it also on other countries' Amazon sites where they are sold (.com,, .de, .fr, and so on). It could give your sales in the coming months a very handy boost!

* My sponsors, WCCL, produce a guide called The Best-Seller Secret, which reveals a raft of other techniques you can use to drive your book into the Amazon Top 100 List. Check it out!

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Anonymous Todd A Fonseca said...

Great post re: tagging. I came upon this some time back and created a collaborative author site to take tagging to the next level and really get authors some visibility.
Check it out here:

12:43 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Many thanks, Todd. Great idea! I've already shared your link via Twitter and signed up to follow you. I will definitely be availing myself of this service.

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Todd A Fonseca said...

Hey, thanks for the tweet on this and the support - by the way, great blog - I've tweeted it this morning!

6:05 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

No problem. Thanks for the tweet too!

6:44 PM  

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