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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

WritersFM: Internet Radio by Writers, for Writers

I haven't mentioned WritersFM on this blog for a while now, so for the benefit of new readers especially I thought it was time I said a few words about it.

WritersFM is the online radio station for writers run by my publishers, The WCCL Network. It is one of the range of free services for writers provided by WCCL, which also includes my forum at and the Smart Writers e-mail newsletter.

WritersFM broadcasts a mixture of interviews with successful writers and laid-back music. The chief interviewer and station manager is my colleague Karl Moore, the author of several non-fiction books himself.

Authors interviewed on the station so far include US writer and writing teacher Randy Ingermanson, former British health minister turned author and broadcaster Edwina Currie, historical novelist Bernard Cornwell, copywriting guru Joe Vitale, biographer Lucinda Hawksley, first-time novelist Jeff Phelps, children's author and illustrator Stephen Jackson, and many others (including yours truly!).

You can either just tune in to WritersFM and listen to whatever happens to be playing at the time, or download individual interviews as podcasts (though note that these are BIG files!). In addition, you can stream the most recent interviews directly from the WritersFM website without having to download them. You do need to have a broadband (DSL) Internet connection in order to listen to WritersFM.

I have one other reason for mentioning WritersFM just now. Karl is currently looking for more writers to interview on the station about their work. If you're a reasonably well-known author (i.e. if you stopped ten people at random on the street, there's a chance that at least one might have heard of you!) do drop Karl a line if you'd like to be interviewed. Or alternatively, if you happen to know a well-known writer and are able to put Karl in touch with him/her, again he would be delighted to hear from you. Please write to karl AT, and put his name ("Karl Moore") in the subject line to avoid your email being blocked by the spam filters.

P.S. Karl is also looking for potential new guests for his other Internet radio station Self Dev Radio - so if you know any self-help gurus (or are one!), please get in touch with him also.

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Anonymous Linda said...

Hi Nick - I am in contact with Andrew Crofts who's pretty well known in writing circles through his Freelance Writing Handbook and a best seller through being a much published celebrity/'true life' ghostwriter. He has a new book out in September which he has done a YouTube trailer for and it could be interesting to talk to him about the 'online buzz' that he's creating?

Please let me know if you would like me to ask him if he'd be up for an interview.

There's also a lady called Maria McCarthy whose book The Girls' Guide to Losing Your L-plates has done well and she leads a course on publicising your book at Bristol University - I'm sure she would be up for it.

There are also three travel writers I could ask if you want?

I have done some interviews on local and national radio recently about my book, I'd love to be considered too, not because I am well known enough but hopefully because I could be helpful to listeners?

All best


8:40 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Hi Linda

I'm sure any of these interviewees could be of interest for WritersFM (including yourself). But it's not my call, I'm afraid. WritersFM is Karl's project, so could I ask you to contact him with your suggestions at karl AT, as per the blog post. If Karl is interested, he will then get back to you.

Many thanks - Nick

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Linda said...

Sorry Nick - I need to read slower!
Have a great weekend.

8:45 AM  

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