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Monday, October 01, 2007

A Great Testimonial, and More...

One of the nice things about working in this business is the stream of messages I get from buyers of my courses such as Quick Cash Writing and Write Any Book in Under 28 Days, who have fulfilled their writing ambitions by putting my advice to good effect.

Most of these messages I simply acknowledge and pass on to my publishers, WCCL, in case they wish to use them as testimonials. But in the case of the following message that arrived last week, I thought (with the author's permission) I would reproduce it in full on my blog...

My name is Dustin Hsiao and I am a disabled 17 year-old high school student. I just wanted to write and thank you for your fabulous "Write ANY Book in 28 Days... Or Less!" course.

With your help, I managed to write and e-publish my book, "Stupid Kid: Learn from Matt and Luke; how you can get better grades without effort" within 15 days of my summer holiday."

Stupid Kid" started as a simple attempt to help struggling students. I teamed up with renowned educational analyst Fredrick Grimmer (Mr. G) to provide new high school students a "crash course" on how to succeed in school.

That was two months ago...

Since then, "Stupid Kid" has been warmly received by both educators and students. Using the tactics outlined in your course, I wrote to a few celebrities. Not only did I collect many kind words and endorsements, I was invited to meet international pop artist Jesse McCartney for a personal publicity photo and endorsement.

Essentially, using your course, I went from being a nobody to a rising educational expert within 5 months; it only goes up from here! Thank you Mr. Daws, you've literally changed my life.

Most sincerely,
Dustin Hsiao
Author of "Stupid Kid: Learn from Matt and Luke; how you can get better grades without effort"

OK, this is a great testimonial for my Write Any Book in Under 28 Days course, but I wanted to share it with you for three other reasons as well...

1. It proves yet again that almost ANYONE can write a book if they want to. Look again at the first line of that message: it comes from a 17-year-old disabled high school student from an ethnic minority background. By no stretch of the imagination is this someone for whom starting a writing career was an easy or obvious career path. Meaning no disrespect at all to Dustin, if he could do it with all his disadvantages, almost anybody can.

2. It makes the point that simply buying any course - even one of mine! - isn't enough on its own. You have to apply the advice it contains, and that means (shock! horror!) you actually have to sit down and do some work. But with good advice and a suitable system - such as that set out in Write Any Book in Under 28 Days - it really is possible to produce a complete book in a short period of time. Notice that Dustin wrote his book in just 15 days - 13 days fewer than the 28 days of the title!

3. And finally, it demonstrates a point that often gets overlooked about my Write Any Book in Under 28 Days course. It is NOT just a system for outlining and writing your book. Important though that is, the course covers many other areas as well, from coming up with ideas and titles, through researching and editing your book, all the way to promoting your finished book with the help of celebrity endorsements (as Dustin has done so successfully).

Anyway, I'd like once again to thank Dustin for his kind words, and congratulate him on his initiative in completing his first book at such an early age. I hope it marks the start of a long and successful writing career for him. Do check out his sales site at, and consider ordering a copy of his e-book if you know anyone for whom it might be relevant.

And, of course, if you're thinking of writing a book yourself but need a suitable method to get you started, do check out this page of my website for more info about, and an extract from, my top-selling course Write Any Book in Under 28 Days. It worked for Dustin, and it can work for you also!

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