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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Helium Knowledge Expands Opportunities for Writers

Helium Knowledge is a writing website that's been around for a while - you may even have seen ads for it on this blog or my forum. The site pays writers a portion of the advertising revenue generated by the articles they post on it.

Helium Knowledge is open to any writer, though with payment by advertising revenue share only, you were unlikely to make a fortune on it. Helium Knowledge was discussed recently in this topic on my forum.

Recently Helium Knowledge has become a little more exciting, however. They've just launched Helium Marketplace, where brand-name publishers post details of articles they need freelance writers for. They are paying at least $16 per article, with some paying $50, and others going as high as $170. Articles are normally 500 to 1000 words, though some of those currently requested are as short as 250.

Any Helium Knowledge member is welcome to write these articles. Just click on Marketplace in the left-hand menu of the site, then click on the name of any publisher that interests you from the list that appears. Details of the article/s they currently require will be displayed. If you fancy trying your hand at any of them, click on the article title and a new page will open, including a box in which you can enter your article text.

Obviously, it is likely that several members will try writing the article in question, and the publishers will choose the one they like best. Only that person will receive the guaranteed fee. It's worth noting, however, that even if your article isn't chosen, it will stay on the site as part of your Helium portfolio, earning you an income each time somebody reads it. In addition, some publishers are offering "consolation prizes" for the best articles that don't get selected.

Writing for the Helium Knowledge Marketplace might not be quite as good as getting a definite commission, but if you're just setting out it offers a great way of getting your name known to a world-wide readership. In addition, successful authors may be commissioned to write additional articles by the publishers concerned. I should perhaps add that Helium Knowledge is free to join.

In my view Helium Knowledge, and its new Marketplace in particular, is well worth a look if article writing is something that appeals to you.

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