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Friday, February 09, 2007

Winter Comes to Burntwood...

Here in Burntwood in the English Midlands we've had a blast of winter over the last few days. Here's a picture from my office window this afternoon...

At times like these I'm grateful I work from home and don't have to battle across icy, treacherous roads and pavements to get to work.

My partner, Jayne, isn't as lucky in that respect. As an IT teacher working at two local colleges she normally has to drive to work whatever the weather. However, in the last couple of days her classes have been cancelled, so she's had a bit of spare time for other things.

I thought I'd let you in on what she's been doing. For starters, she's updated her writers' website with a few more useful resources. Also, she's given it a whole new Valentine's Day look. I'm not kidding, there are even links to romantic books you can buy on eBay! Do check it out - it's at

The other thing Jayne has been doing is working her way through the fiendishly difficult online quiz game called Qwyzzle. This free, interactive quiz involves solving a series of puzzles, many of which require lateral thinking skills and/or research on the net.

If you enjoyed reading the Da Vinci Code, you're likely to love Qwyzzle. I've had a little go at it myself, but I'm not usually as quick at solving the problems as Jayne (who is currently up to level 84). Do be warned if you try it, however - Qwyzzle is highly addictive!



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