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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Review: Seven Dollar Secrets

Seven Dollar Secrets is a brand new e-book by Jonathan Leger. I heard about it via The S-Files, the writing blog of my friend and writing colleague Suzie Harris.

The sub-title of Seven Dollar Secrets is 'How to sell infoproducts for only $7 and make a lot of money doing it'. As you'll gather, the price of the manual is just $7, or around 4 UK pounds.

In Seven Dollar Secrets, Jonathan Leger makes a persuasive case for writing and selling low-cost e-books for profit. He points out that, if you are selling your report for just $7, it doesn't have to be very long (Leger suggests around 30 pages). He also argues that you don't have to be a hotshot copywriter to get people to part with just 7 bucks, and the rate of refund requests is far lower than with more expensive products.

One thing Leger doesn't go into any detail about in 7 Dollar Secrets is how to actually devise and write your e-book. If you need advice on that subject, I'd recommend my course Write Any Book in Under 28 Days, or the excellent 24-Hour E-Book Writing System by Melanie Mendelson.

However, where Leger's guide really does score is in providing a very clever marketing system you can use to sell your e-book and have others sell it on your behalf. Let me try to explain...

Anyone buying Seven Dollar Secrets gets the right to become an affiliate for the report themselves and earn 100 per cent of the profits from any sales they generate. That means if you buy this e-book and sell a single copy of it via your website or email newsletter, you will get the entire $7 you spent back. Sell more than that, and it's pure profit. All payments are made instantly using the online payment system Paypal.

Not only that, however, if you buy Seven Dollar Secrets, you also get the scripts needed to set up a similar promotion for your own e-book. These are quite straightforward to set up, or you can pay a modest fee to get the job done for you (details are in the report). You can then set up an identical promotion for your own e-book, giving buyers the chance to sell your report themselves and keep all of the profits.

At this point you might be saying, "OK, I can see that's a good incentive for people to buy my report, but doesn't it mean I won't get any money from the sales generated by my affiliates?" Well, yes, in a way it does, but Leger makes two important points about this. First of all, you can embed affiliate links to other relevant products and services in your report. If a buyer purchases via one of these, you will get your usual affiliate commission. And secondly, for every sale that is made by you OR an affiliate, you will receive an e-mail address which you can subsequently use to make other offers.

Overall, Seven Dollar Secrets is well written and sets out a method any writer could use to start selling their own information products. For $7 it's well worth a read, but possibly the main value comes from the scripts that are bundled with it. Anyway, I definitely plan to give the method a try, so watch out for my first $7 e-book, coming this way very soon!

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Blogger Suzie said...

Thanks for trying this ebook, Nick. I too was impressed with it and will be implementing it into my work very soon. And yes, I use it with my copy of your QCW course!


11:49 AM  

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