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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Have you heard of ficblogs? I must admit I hadn't, till I read an article about them by Addy Farmer in the UK magazine Writers News.

It transpires that a ficblog is a fiction blog, or fiction presented in blog form. Addy's own ficblog is called Wilf's World and describes the thoughts and adventures of a nine-year-old boy (Addy is a children's writer and teacher). It uses the popular Blogger platform, and is illustrated with many colourful photos.

One obvious drawback of using a blog to publish your fiction is that the most recent post always appears at the top. Addy's ficblog gets round this by using a diary format. You can go back to read earlier instalments by clicking on the navigational links in the right-hand column, but in general you can read the chapters in any order.

There are some advantages to the blog format too. If you enable it, your readers can leave comments and suggestions on any of your posts. And, of course, a blog is a quick and easy site to set up and run. Setting up a Blogger blog, for example, takes literally five minutes, and no technical skills are required.

And finally, publishers are increasingly turning to blogs as a source of new books and writers (see, for example, this post I made last year). Obviously there is no guarantee that you will be "discovered" this way, but if nothing else writing a ficblog could be a great way of practising your fiction-writing skills and getting feedback from readers across the world.

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Blogger Wilf said...

Hi Nick
THanks for the heads-up! The Friday Project is actively seeking blogs to turn into book form and if anyone thinks they can do it, they should check out the website.
I'll add your site to my links.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

No problem, Addy. Thanks for the info about The Friday Project - I'll check them out. Many thanks also for linking to my blog. Good luck with all your writing projects.

10:37 AM  

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