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Monday, February 26, 2007

Closing Soon...

It's nearly the end of another month, so I thought I'd highlight a few opportunities that close at the end of February.

First of all, the 25% discount on WhiteSmoke's writing software comes to an end. Just to remind you, WhiteSmoke is a program that aims to help its users produce better-written documents. It does this by analyzing the spelling, punctuation and grammar in any document, and then suggesting corrections and possible improvements. You can read my full review of WhiteSmoke's software here, and you will also find details of how to claim your 25% discount.

Secondly, the Creme de la Crime opportunity for aspiring crime writers also closes at the end of the month. This UK publishing house is looking for new crime writers whose careers they can help launch. Applicants have to submit a 500-word synopsis and the opening 5,000 words of a crime novel which will eventually total 70-80,000 words. Check out also this article I wrote about Creme de la Crime last month on this blog.

Finally, the I Publish Press contest also closes this month. This is for a full-length work of fiction of 60,000-120,000 words, including novels, short story collections and long narrative poems. There has been some discussion of this contest at this topic on my forum, or you can go straight to the info page here.

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