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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Join My Marketing Team!

If you have a website and/or a blog, did you know that you can earn yourself a sideline income helping to promote my courses including The Wealthy Writer, Quick Cash Writing and Write Any Book in Under 28 Days? Not to mention the huge range of other courses and products sold by my publishers, WCCL.

The way you do this is by signing up as an affiliate with WCCL, which you can do on their affiliate sign-up page. Once you are a WCCL affiliate you can promote any of their products, and will receive a commission of up to 40% for each item sold to someone who arrives at the sales page via your link. Commission is paid by Paypal a month after the sale has been made (assuming the buyer has not subsequently requested a refund).

It's very easy to become a WCCL affiliate. You complete the simple application form on the affiliate sign-up page and submit this. Within a short time your application will be checked and (probably) approved. You will then be able to obtain the HTML code for a wide range of banners and text links, all with your affilate code embedded. All you have to do then is copy and paste this code into your web page in the appropriate place/s. Trust me, it's not rocket science!

If you decide to do this, can I offer a few quick hints and tips from my own experience:

1. Just putting a banner on your web page is unlikely to generate many sales. It's much better to put a review of the product in question with your affiliate link at the end, so that people wanting to buy as a result of your recommendation will click through this to the sales page.

2. If you're going to write a review, try to make it reasonably objective. Yes, you want people to click through your link and buy the product, but if your "review" appears to be more of an uncritical hype, some people are likely to be put off. So praise the product's good points, by all means, but if there is anything you dislike, don't be afraid to say so. People will trust your judgement more.

3. Consider offering an extra incentive of your own to secure the sale. For example, you could offer an extra mini-report on a topic not covered in depth in the product you are reviewing, or simply a list of relevant websites. See my review of Write A Movie in a Month for an example of how I have used this technique. Obviously, you will need to ask people to send you a copy of their email sales receipt so that you can send them their bonus after they have bought the product.

Finally, if you sign up to sell one or more of my courses AND publish a review, please do write and let me know (use the Contact Me link at I will then give your review page a mention in my blog, forum and/or email newsletter. This may or may not generate extra sales for you, but it will certainly bring you extra traffic you wouldn't have had otherwise.

Good luck, and welcome to my team!

NEW - JUNE 2008: WCCL have just announced that henceforth they will be paying affiliates commission on up-sells to customers they have introduced. So if a customer goes on to buy a series of other products as well, you would get a steady stream of affiliate commissions. As far as I know, this makes them pretty much unique among affiliate networks. You certainly won't get THAT from ClickBank!

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