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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Top Online Dictionary Site

Here's a site all writers should know about. is a multi-lingual dictionary packed with features. Not only can you search for words in English, but also in French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

A powerful feature of is the ability to search in a variety of ways. While most other major dictionary sites only allow users to search for words that match exactly or start with the string or letters typed in by the users, the AllWords search box allows users four different matches. These are as follows:

1. Words matching the typed in phrase/letters. Type in "pit" and only exact matches result.
2. Words starting with a phrase/letters. Type in "pit" and pit, pitch, etc. are returned.
3. Words that contain the entered phrase/letters. Type in "sis" and sister and oasis result.
4. Words that end with the entered letters. Type in "sis" and get oasis, basis, but not sister.

You choose the type of match you require by clicking on the appropriate radio button, then enter your search term, and click on "Find It". If you wish, you can also opt to see the results of your search translated into other languages. For the most popular search results, you can even click on a link to hear the word in question read out, so you know how it is pronounced. has many other features as well, including Word of the Week, a crossword-solver, and an extensive links directory. In my view, this site is well worth a place on any writer's Favorites list.

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