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Thursday, October 12, 2006

From Blog to Book

Here's an interesting snippet I read in UK newspaper The Guardian recently. It's taken from their Bookseller column, compiled by Joel Rickett.

If you want a book deal, write a blog. In a closely fought auction Penguin has paid a six-figure sum for a memoir from Paris-dwelling Catherine Sanderson, otherwise known as La Petite Anglaise. Her blog documents the break-up of her relationship, her new love and her struggles to raise her young "Frenglish" daughter, known as "Tadpole". This summer she was sacked by accounting firm Dixon Wilson, allegedly for writing the blog, and the news was picked up across the world. Whether or not people remember that furore when her book comes out in 2008, her style is compelling and many readers will be only too happy to buy it, even if they've read much of its content online. That is proved by two recent blogger bestsellers: the explicit Girl With a One-Track Mind by Abby Lee (whose real name is Zoe Margolis), and Blood, Sweat and Tea by London ambulanceman Tom Reynolds.
Source: Guardian Online Archive, September 30 2006

Blogging is one of the biggest trends on the Internet right now, and the examples of the authors mentioned show that in some cases blogs can pave the way to a publishing contract. Of course, it helps considerably if you have an interest or lifestyle others would like to read about.

Starting your own blog (basically an online diary) isn't difficult. Just go to and you can be up-and-running with a free blog inside 15 minutes. However, it's likely to take a bit longer than that before publishers start clamouring to turn your blog into a book!

And finally, if anyone would be interested in publishing a hard-copy version of, I am open to all offers...


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